It’s 3/20/22, Covid is wriggling, Russia is attacking Ukrainia with more than 4 million people having fled to neighboring countries. On Tuesday there will be a national election in Hungary with Orban, an authoritarian leader who is pro Putin now, running against a small city mayor who is pro NATO and the European Commission and democracy. No free press, the Judiciary in his control, the universities controlled by him, Orban is the favorite. We will see.

With this post I am trying to learn how to use WordPress to help me build this blog. Now I want to send all my readers to a different post/page. Let’s see if I can do that.

Yes, I can do that with a menu. I will create that now.

I created a menu and installed it on the blog. Now you will see CONSILIENCE listed on the home page because of that menu. Aha!!

Be well and enjoy spring and summer.

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