17 July 1966

We first landed in Chateauroux and laid over there. The next day we landed in Germany at Rein Main Airport in Frankfurt. We went up to Fornebu airport in Oslo, Norway. Here is a view:

We came back to Rhein-Main and then went back to Chateauroux. We were there until the 20th and then we went through Athens to Tehran. We got back to Chateauroux on the 22nd.

We left Chateauroux on the 24th and we were going to make a series of stops in Italy enroute to Athens. My wife was in Athens at this time and my crew knew that. Well, my copilot was Jingels Devine. We went into the Aviano airport and we left for Pisa. When we were ready to leave Pisa, Jingels was ready for takeoff and he briefed that if he lost an engine on takeoff he would leave the gear down and circle back for a landing back into Pisa.

Well, we started down the runway and just as we were ready to lift off, we got an engine fire warning and had to shut an engine down. The fire light went out and the engine was stoped.

I told Jingels to clean the airplane up, that means lift the gear and take in the flaps, and told him to fly into some clear sky towards the west. I re-filed the flight plan to return to Chateauroux. So, instead of putting the aircraft down in Pisa with an engine problem we got it to the main base in Europe. The Air Force was very happy about that.

Then, when we got to the Airlift Command Post, the Officer in Charge said we had two choices: Go into a layover for eight or more hours or continue with our trip to Athens with a stop in Naples. I left it up to the crew and they all voted to go on to Athens. That’s what we did and we laid over in Athens on the 25th.

On the 26th we flew to Istanbul and Brindisi and back to Chateauroux. We layed over there on the 27th and on the 28th we left for Spain. We went to Madrid, Moron, Rota and Torrejon and then we went back to Chateauroux.

We did the Italy trot: Aviano, Pisa, Naples and Brindisi. Then we went to Athens and laid over again. On August 1st we went to Nicosia, on Cyprus and then to Tel Aviv, Israel, back to Incirlik and back to Athens for another layover.

We left Chateauroux on the 3rd and went to Pisa and Naples and back to Chateauroux.

On the 4th of August we flew to Lajes in the Azores and then back to McGuire. Here is a view of Lakes:

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