Election Day 2020

A very old friend of mine, Tom Stringer, put out an email today saying he was afraid of Bloodshed in the streets. I don’t fear that at all and I sent him an email:

You know how quiet a street I live on. You probably do not know how LITTLE time I spend watching the news. But sitting here on LEcluse Lane:
I have NO fear of bloodshed in America.

I never worry about immigrants learning English:
because their kids learn English.

I don‘t worry about looters stealing TV sets, because the white power elite have been stealing from the poor, black and indigenous people for several centuries and the looters are just saying:
We do exist.

I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a man that has the intellectual capacity of a maladjusted teenager. I do not believe the US military will do ANYTHING:

to help him steal the election.

So, my advice:

Enjoy the quiet place where you live and DON‘T watch the news.


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  1. I think perhaps the trepidation some felt in the wings of the stage was only endowed if trump won the election. That didn’t happen, no worries, right? One must consider the 73 or 74 million people who were mesmerized by the cobras stare and would continue on the fascists March to the defacto end of our democracy. Could it be that evolution of government is somehow natural and indicative of the natural and necessary process occurring and that the extreme stress may produce a possibility more desirable than the fiasco that preceeded it. And does it really make a rats ass worth of difference either way… considering the playing field and the audience. I have absolutely no worries , we are all on the same carousel.

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