Home and Not Home!

           Home is thought of as safe and not home can be full of dragonsFor a number of Homo sapiens, home can be terrifying, but for most humans, not home is … scary.

You have to understand the world, it’s cultures and human history, to stand on the line between home and not home.

Here is an awful truth: Human children are abused by people from within the “Circle of Trust.” Andrew Vachss, has had a great deal of experience with child abusers, and created that phrase. Hey published a CD called Safe Home.

“The biggest threat to children is always inside their houses. The predator with the ski-mask who grabs the kid out of a van, while a real thing, is a tiny percentage of those who prey upon children. Most victimization of children is within the Circle of Trust.”

Vachss has written a series of fictional books about Burke and a small group, who fight child abusers. From reading that series, I learned: that one trick child is born for every twelve, who see the light of day. I found that astounding.

Vachss argues that calling children who live through abuse “survivors“ is not clear enough. They may have survived and gone on to abusing children and others make a choice not to abuse children.


“To me, such people are our greatest heroes. They represent the hope of our species, living proof that there is nothing biogenetic about child abuse. I call them “transcenders”.”

If you have suffered child abuse ……………… find

HELP !!!


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