OUGHT …………… 30 May 2021


As an auxiliary verb expressing duty or moral obligation (the main modern use, attested from late 12c.), it represents the past subjunctive.
Ought, Should. Ought is the stronger, expressing especially obligations of duty, with some weaker use in expressing interest or necessity: as, you ought to know, if any one does. Should sometimes expresses duty: as, we should be careful of others’ feelings; but generally expresses propriety, expediency, etc.: as, we should dot our i’s and cross our t’s. [Century Dictionary, 1895]

Take a look at our world. What do you see? Start in close and move out to bigger units. What’s it like in your neighborhood, your hamlet, city, state or region. How do you see your country?

I am 83 years old. I have always been liberal. Now, I am very far to the left in American political thinking. What I saw along the way will be outlined in my blog. But what I have decided is:

“This life was wonderful and scary. It has given me much joy and some grief. But, I know I had a good ride and other people were not so lucky.”

I have come to understand that RACISM exists. It went so far as to create racial slavery. Many citizens living in the US feel psychological and economic pain.

Some people have these pains because the got born into family A and their ancestors were slaves.

Many non white men are treated very badly by some police officers. Too many people have been killed while in custody. These actions have to be stopped.

So, when you look at this world, with all it’s good things, you will see that governments and cultures have distributed this pain.

What do you suggest the federal government should do?

For me, we OUGHT to ease the pain and move on, together.